Derrick Ellis Enterprises, Inc. presents FUNNY WATER
"water that makes you smile...

Enjoy drinking water that brings a smile to your face. Derrick Ellis who is a stand-up comedian and businessman has introduced his signature bottle water "Funny Water". Funny Water is a natural spring water that will definitely quench your thirst. This water is one of Derrick Ellis Enterprises, Inc latest products and will be sold on-line, in stores, comedy clubs, and coffee houses around the country. Funny Water is a unique water that has all the attributes that great bottle waters have. With its colorful and exciting label, your curiosity will definitely set in. Therefore, finding yourself drinking and enjoying this great bottle water. So whether you like your water cold or room temperature, try FUNNY WATER, it surely will make your day or night. For information regarding Funny Water, call Derrick Ellis Enterprises, Inc at (310) 867-4720 or email us at Also, log on to to find other products by Derrick Ellis.

$1.50 + 1.00 Shipping and Handling

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